The adidas All Day App is in Beta

Here at Uncorked, we get to work on a wide range of projects, and today we’re excited to say that one of those is the All Day well-being app from adidas.

And we use the word “well-being” very intentionally, because All Day is carving out new territory in this space. In a world that is saturated with fitness trackers and calorie counters, there is room to better address health and wellness in a way that aligns with how people actually think about their well-being. The app covers all areas of life, from movement and nutrition to mindset and rest—because being healthy is about more than solely exercise. There are numerous actions that we can take to contribute to a healthy mind and body every day.

We also know that beyond having an idea of what you’re doing on a daily basis, the app offers inspiring suggestions in the form of “Discoveries” in each of the areas above. These can range from a new yoga routine to a meditation exercise.

All Day is about addressing an individual’s entire lifestyle, as opposed to just pieces of it.

The app is set to release this summer, but curious and interested folks can sign up for the beta now.

We’ll be sharing a case study soon that digs a little deeper into how we brought this experience to life.

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