Austin, Here We Come

Boy howdy, some of the Uncorked crew are going to be on the streets of Austin for SXSW interactive tonight through next Tuesday.

As time-tested veterans of the festival, we look forward to the promise of spring-like weather, which has been elusive around puddle town these days. However, we mostly look forward to connecting with friends, both old and new.

It’s also of note that tomorrow (Friday, March 10th), we’ll be talking about Innovation in Cuba: The Rise of Azúcar Valley at the JW Marriott Salon C from 3:30-4:30pm. We will dive into the notion of Fringe Diplomacy, why it matters, and introduce you to our recent work there: Incúbate, which is what Fringe Diplomacy in Havana looks like. We hope to also include a frank and lively discussion about the challenges that the program faces and where we go from here.

And whether you are curious about Cuba, smart cities, dumb robots, bees, the internet-of-things-and-food-and-wine, interactive walls, or anything in between, we’d be up for having a conversation with you. After all, our primary mission is to partner with like-minded folks to create stuff that makes a difference. If that sounds like you, let’s get together and share some tacos, tequila, or barbecue…

Come catch Marce or James after the Cuba panel, or ping Marce through the SXSW directory.

And a public service announcement for fellow Portlanders: don’t forget your allergy meds and sunscreen.

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