Intern Profile: Avani the Treble Talent

Summertime is here and at Uncorked that means we have some new members joining our team: our internship program is in full swing! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the stories of the amazing folks working with us this summer. This is the first profile in our series.

Name: Avani Bhargava
Education: Rising sophomore, Cornell University
Degree Program: Computer Science with a minor in Linguistics
Hometown: Basking Ridge,NJ

Uncorked’s newest development intern, Avani, is a prolific coder who strives to bring a high level of integrity to her work and many passions. This summer, she’s working on quite a few internal initiatives at UCS. Her primary objective is to gain experience working on real-world projects, building a firsthand understanding of the project lifecycle, and working with an interdisciplinary team. But here’s a look at a trio of her other interests.

An accomplished singer, Avani brought with her a portfolio of pursuits that work in concert. Each activity articulates a different voice in her character, creating a harmonious balance of self. Her bounty of extracurriculars advance to her commitment to empowerment, at a personal, communal, and societal level.

Avani’s ongoing curiosity is education, and her life’s quest is to help people uncover their passion, in technology and beyond. Avani is involved in numerous educational programs to inspire others to become excited about learning. She started down this path when she became a peer tutor in high school. She also founded a computer science workshop for middle school students. Later she became a course consultant for collegiate-level computer science classes. She operates under the belief that by uplifting specific communities, she is working in the best interest of society as a whole.

When she’s not focused on technology education, Avani sings in the Cornell University Chorus to lift others up through music. But it isn’t just any choir. Avani nonchalantly describes how, although it is a treble choir (a key intended for higher voices), the group doesn’t identify as a women’s choir. Her choir makes a point to sing about liberation and strength. In fact, its mission is to “advance women and gender minorities in the arts by creating a strong community that promotes musical diversity, leadership, and excellence.” The choir has toured all over the country, singing in places that are of historical significance for social justice movements.

At a societal level, Avani co-leads the Women in Computing at Cornell (WICC). The organization’s goal is to inspire an interest in computing for the next generation through mentorship, career development, corporate events, and outreach. She’s even had an article published in Huffington Post about women in technology.

Next year, as a sophomore, she plans to continue building on her existing foundation, to expand her women’s empowerment work, and to grow within her leadership roles so she can affect as much change possible in the time she has left at Cornell. Academically, she will be diving deeper into her computer science coursework, and exploring more of her linguistics minor through courses on syntax and semantics.

After Avani leaves our studio, she hopes to be remembered as a person who took initiative and contributed value to our teams.

Random Fact: Avani is a complete Harry Potter fanatic, and at one point, she had over 11,000 followers on a Harry Potter-themed Tumblr.

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