How to Not Go Bananas While Using Slack

Workplaces have ever increasing avenues of communication—what once was just a phone call is now an email, IM, Skype call, or a hangout. And these days: a Slack message.

Slack is a group chat and collaboration tool that lets coworkers communicate and keep up-to-date on projects, teams, and general tomfoolery—but prioritizing the chatter can take its toll.

We thought it would be useful to consolidate a number of tips and tricks for how to configure and use Slack to both decrease the noise and make sure you’re able to focus on what matters:

Gifs of dogs going down slides.

Task management has “Get Things Done,” your email has “Inbox Zero,” and now Slack has, “How to Not Go Bananas.” Stay safe out there.

To check out the full post with tips, click here.

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