Intern Profile: Matthew the Maker

Summertime is here and at Uncorked that means we have some new members joining our team: Our internship program is in full swing! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the stories of the amazing folks working with us this summer. This is the second profile in our series.

Name: Matthew Curtis
Education: Austin Community College and Tyler Junior College
Degree Program: Audio Engineering and Business Management
Hometown: Tyler, Texas

An obsession with bike culture and cold brew seem like quintessential traits for a native Portlander, right?

Matthew, one of Uncorked’s development interns, has only just recently transplanted himself in Portland after living in Texas and New York, but he’s already got lots of common ground with his greasy, over-caffeinated studiomates.

Matthew is authentically curious about how to build things—making him the perfect fit at Uncorked. After a long stint in the music industry as an audio engineer, Matthew fell in love with designing digital platforms and constructing products to increase accessibility, across various industries.

And while he believes this curiosity has always been in his nature, it’s been awakened since working here. His objective while he’s here is to simply “Make Cool Shit.” (His desk’s adjacency to a neon sign flashing this helps reinforce this motive constantly.)

Matthew’s very interested in the process behind things, and likes to find new ways to challenge himself. A prime example of this? He bikes ten miles round trip each day to join us at the studio. He doesn’t just exercise his body while he rides, but also his competitive spirit with other bikers; “Yeah,” Matthew admits, “I’m that guy.” He chases cars down Powell Boulevard, just nearly making the yellow lights as they turn to red.

In life, Matthew wants to use technology to make luxuries currently out of reach to many accessible to all. He wants to aid people in their quest towards knowledge and doesn’t want anyone to assume they can’t learn because they don’t have the tools. “People should become lifetime learners,” says Matthew, “and this can be done by crafting educational tools that are equitable and available for all.” His ultimate goal is to recreate the standardized testing system by overcoming the current market-dominating companies in higher education tools.

When he isn’t thinking about how to make the world a better place, or simply making cool shit and gaining ground on the cyclist in front of him on the Eastbank Esplanade, you can find Matthew exploring Oregon’s quietest places. His most magical moment in the past year took place in Parkdale, OR, a small community in Hood River county. He was surrounded by lush flowers and a symmetrically-framed Mt. Hood among trees filled with ripening apples. It was here Matthew found himself alone with the mountain, a cold lager, and contentment.

Random Fact: Matthew has had his fair share of celebrity encounters in past jobs. He once accidentally made singer Sara Bareilles trip backstage at her own show when he was working in audio engineering, and if that wasn’t enough, he also haphazardly blew off Hillary Clinton at a book signing when he working as a Network & Systems Administrator at a bookstore – he felt horrible, she was unenthused. He’s still waiting for his UCS celebrity encounter.

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