It’s Lit: Uncorked's Holiday Package

It’s lit.

The only words you can really use to describe the latest holiday package from Uncorked.

In the spirit of celebrating our office culture, personality, and playfulness, we wanted to create something that extends our brand in an unexpected way, and reflects who we are as a company. Something that was not just any ordinary “company promo item,” but something that was actually meaningful that people would use, wear, or show off. It would go beyond their connection to Uncorked, because they themselves are cool on their own. Something that was a little more unexpected, and something that people would use because they want to.

We have the people who can make this happen

This project in particular allowed the team to create products that took advantage of the full breadth of talent and resources we have here at the studio. From the art direction for the gifts and the hand-lettering on the pennants, to the labeling for the hot sauce and the illustration work on the enamel pins. And then onto tweaking the sauce recipe, completing the final design, and laser cutting the boxes for the items. The team showed that we have what it takes to create something fun and cohesive that we are proud to send out to our friends and employees.

The Sauce

We made a sriracha-styled hot sauce that really lives up to its name and literally pairs well with almost anything you pour it on. We went through a few rounds of recipe tweaking to come up with a sauce that’s sweet, but still adds a punch to whatever you’re eating it with. A big shout out to Beaverton Foods and Jeff Biggi who helped us produce our sauce through bottle production, labeling, and recipe creation.

The Pennant

A more modern twist on a classic piece, we created a custom (American-made) felt pennant that you can hang, pin, or tie anywhere that’s lit. Thank you to Oxford Pennant for the quality printed and crafted pennants—they really turned out great (we’re sending 1,000 flex emojis your way).

The Pin

Working with a local-company called Ways & Means, we illustrated and designed our own enamel pins with custom packaging. We wanted something that would not only match the “it’s lit” theme, but would also celebrate our hot sauce too. Thanks to Todd and Emily for showing us their space and helping us produce everything.

The Custom Package

Next, we had to think about how to share all these creations with everyone.

Using layers of corrugated cardboard and making use of our laser cutter in-house, we created a custom box that not only held the items, but also shipped them efficiently.

But this was more than just creating a package for us. We made specific design decisions based on the experience we imagined each recipient’s having upon opening the package, such as: them knowing where to open it from and the tension and ease of taking out each item. We also considered how we could use the least amount of material so that the packaging would still provide protection for the fragile glass bottle inside, but would also be environmentally friendly. We even threw a box down our stairwell to test its strength, and it survived (obviously).

To those who received a gift set from us, we really hope you enjoyed our holiday items as much as we did. Whether it be wearing the pin, hanging up the pennant, or enjoying the sauce—we hope we made something that’s not only playful and useful, but something that adds a little Uncorked charm to your day. Thank you again to all those who helped us make this happen.

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