Uncorked’s Take on Design Week PDX + What We’re Doing

It’s that time of year again… The week where designers and creatives, as well as other curious folks from different disciplines, swarm various areas of the city to be a part of Design Week Portland.

While the overarching theme of this multi-day event may be obvious, there are many ways to participate, including attending presentations, workshops, events, exhibits, mixers and more. Beyond that, the areas of thought that are being represented are across the board—from architecture and music to manufacturing and graphic design. That being said, there are a few events that the folks at Uncorked are particularly excited about: 

  • Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production — Ali is planning on attending this talk that explores graphic design production from the 50s-90s. One of her professors from PSU created the documentary that it’s based on. 
  • Risk: Kevin Cavenaugh — Coming from an architecture background, Liz is interested in learning more about Cavenaugh’s current work, designing and building innovative infill and adaptive reuse projects, and how it impacts larger developmental trends. 
  • HQ: Craft Brew Creative - Designing for a Craft Beer Brand — Kat has a more personal reason for being interested in this event, as her dad owns a brewery back in Iowa that she is helping him build up… and because beer. 
  • HQ: w(HERE) we are: Creative People of Color & LGBTQ — Melodee is looking forward to attending a few different events, but is especially excited about this one. She said that she doesn’t know many creative people of color in Portland and thinks this would be a great opportunity for her to meet new people who might have similar experiences as her. 
  • Not Not Creative — A couple of our production-minded folks at Uncorked, namely Avery and Charles, are extremely excited about this talk because it explores the perspective of the people who help make the design process happen—celebrating those people that support traditional design functions and facilitate the creative work, which is crucial to bringing ideas to life.

We’re also excited to share that our CEO, Marcelino, and our Executive Director of Semiotics, James, will be speaking on the main stage on Friday, April 21 about, “Breaking Down Cultural Divides: Diplomacy as a Design Tool.” The focus of the presentation is on how design principles can be used to tackle a diverse set of social, cultural and business challenges in the current global landscape.

What Design Week events are you excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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