Uncorked Studios' Summer Internship Program Turns Six this Year!

Our interns have had their hands in all sorts of projects here at the studio—many of which display our culture of curiosity and knack for prototyping. From creating an interactive sandbox that playfully changes color in response to each user’s gestures to building robotic arms that respond to facial expressions, our interns have run the gamut on experimentation as a part of our team.

But an internship at Uncorked involves more than just internal or self-driven projects, as some of our interns have also had the chance to contribute to our larger endeavors, such as helping to build Sommely (an intelligent IoT wine tracking system) or participating in the development of our latest installation for Google’s BrandLab team.

Uncorked Studios believes these experiences are an important part of career growth for all, regardless of age, schooling or experience level in a technical area. Our internships provide valuable real-life experiences that help to build stronger skills for the real world—while in turn opening doors and building relationships with the Uncorked folks and Portland community.

Likewise, our internship program gives our core staff the opportunity to mentor and manage, and gives us the bandwidth to experiment more, furthering our team’s growth and leadership skills as well.

At Uncorked, we aim to foster skills in the areas of development, production, design and strategy. Our interns work alongside senior developers, designers, producers and semioticians to build skills by contributing to real client projects. Beyond that, during the summer, we encourage interns to follow their own interests and seek out new and useful technologies to integrate into our work at Uncorked. Our program is a two-way street!

So, if you have an interest in solving problems, building things, and creating products that make the world a little more interesting, you’d fit right in.

As of today, our summer internship applications and descriptions are live on the internship page on the website—we’ll accept applications on a rolling basis through 3/15/2017.

For reference, the internships offer a stipend and are typically three months in length, beginning in May. However, this can vary depending on school schedules and/or previous commitments.

We can’t wait for you to apply!

In the meantime, check out the latest blog post from one of our 2016 summer interns. In it, she shares her learnings and thoughts from the program.

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