Uncorked University 101

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Uncorked is nothing without its people. That is why when we take a step back and think about what we’d like to invest in as a studio, the answer is obvious.

This week the team here launched Uncorked University.

What is it? 

A way for our smart people to get even smarter and to share their smarts with each other.

Who is it for? 

All the folks at Uncorked—from the designers and developers to the producers, semioticians and operations people.

Why are we doing it? 

Because learning and growth matter. And if Uncorked is nothing without its people, we better damn well invest in them.

How are we doing it? 

The short answer: by doing it.

The long answer: this is not a one-size fits all system.

The curriculum is all across the board (no, not a chalk board but maybe a white board). We’re kicking off next week with a workshop about facilitating workshops. Future classes will include our CTO teaching OpenGL with pipecleaners and our Chief Creative Officer schooling us on photography. We’re also excited about 3D printing and laser cutting as well as other fun trainings in the lab.

But this is about more than folks just coming together to learn. We also want Uncorkedologists to share their knowledge, which is why a part of this is for us to teach classes to one another.

While the program is just beginning, we are truly excited to see where it goes. Check back with the blog over the next few months to get an update.

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