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2011 - present

Uncorked has made cool stuff together with Google for over seven years.

Starting at the very earliest, the studio has partnered with Google Creative Lab—which Advertising Age describes as a “modern best-case scenario of a brand development think tank”—to design and build experimental prototypes to understand how future Android experiences might integrate with Google’s services.

Since then, the studio has completed a half-dozen collaborations with Creative Lab, including the most recent, Just a Line, which lets you to draw a line anywhere, in Augmented Reality.

Launched in March 2018, Just a Line features an Uncorked-authored Java library that Creative Lab open-sourced, RecordableSurfaceView, that streamlines video sharing in Android. Uncorked’s CTO, David Evans, details its implementation in With Intent.

Just a Line has been celebrated by The Verge, Fast Company, and many others, but please try it out for yourself (here it is in the Google Play Store) and experience the joy of free drawing in augmented reality.

Over the years, we have built a unique level of expertise on the Android operating system. Our work has spanned several years of OS evolution, and a multitude of current and future devices. We’ve worked also closely with the Accessories group inside Google to build supplemental user experiences, external to the standard mobile hardware.

Our partnership with Google designers and engineers has given us first hand expertise on all things Google, from Material Design frameworks to official code classes and accessibility guidelines. Another long-standing Uncorked partner is Experience Studio, a team focused on creating immersive, story driven spaces for Google’s top visiting partners. Our work together with Experience Studio’s designers impacted physical-digital environmental design for Google’s Policy Team and BrandLab. That work involved interfaces, prototypes, and fully-functioning build-outs, all falling within Google’s best practices for design and code and the highest uptime requirements.

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Many of the products we’ve built together push beyond today’s conventions, forging the future of Google products, but we’re most grateful for the steadfast and trusting partner that’s brought so many bright ideas to life.

Skills: Strategy, R&D, Design, Development, Prototyping, Animation

We’re able to talk more about our Google collaborations privately. Please reach out if you’d like to hear more.