The studio helps partners build electronics products, booths, sculptures, toys, prototypes, molds, and more. Every employee at Uncorked—not just our hardware specialists—is invited and encouraged to learn about the interplay of possibility and limitation of hardware and hardware production. Because we make this a priority for our team internally, we’re different from most classic design and software services studios.

We understand hardware ecosystems from their inception, through their creation, refinement, and execution. As a result, hardware has a first class seat through our entire process. This deep integration into our culture and thinking means Uncorked has the unique ability to treat a hardware product or mixed hardware-software product with the rigor and in-house expertise most studios can only offer in one segment.

At the core of this company is a physical space for hardware, a full-service Prototyping Lab that offers us a broad range of material support and tools. The Lab is a place where partners, employees, students, and even visitors can tinker with the tools necessary to build almost anything.

Our skills run the gamut from electrical engineering to casing prototyping and exploration. We’re always looking to extend balanced thinking into the hardware space to collaborate with our partners and guide them through the process of evolving their idea into a physical reality. We prototype to find a path to yes (or no), not to dissuade. We want to help stakeholders understand the gap between possibility and reality.

Beyond the confines of client work, we’re proud to partner with community technology nonprofits in order to bring the same level of accessibility software enjoys to a new hardware audience. Partnering with organizations like ChickTech and LifeWorks, we’ve been able to develop and host classes and workshops for nontraditional hardware enthusiasts who may have otherwise had no exposure to this space. It enriches our team to know this once mysterious and inaccessible skill set is open to anyone with the interest, and we have a hand in helping to shape that possibility at the person to person level.

We offer skills in the form of people who have real world experience bringing hardware products to market as well as tools in the form of well… tools.

Uncorked is the perfect partner to help you concept, research market fit, prototype, design, and prepare for production at scale. Our approach has been successful when working with both startups and large companies. We can help you design and prove out your volume PCB run, then help you find a partner for the next stage.

We have helped clients build 1/12-scale apartments to prototype smart home solutions, helped a consumer brand understand the role of Bluetooth beacons for wayfinding, learned how to design interfaces for smart home appliances, and integrated imaging technology and machine learning into the smart kitchen. Across all of these, our work combined business and design strategy, storytelling, and building a functional proof-of-concept and/or finished product.


Advanced Manufacturing Using Fdm 3d Printers, CNC, Laser Cutting Of Plastic, Paper and Wood

Parametric and Algorithmic Modeling Using Fusion 360 and Rhino/Grasshopper

Top-Down Or Bottom-Up Modeling and Design Using Fusion 360 and Rhino/Grasshopper

Mold Making and Casting Using Urethanes To Create Copies Of 3D Printed Parts Cheaply and/or With Different Material Properties

Kitchen Tech: Gesture Control, Thermal Regulation, Computer Vision

Smart Home Tech: Communication Over Modulated Power Line, Sensor Integration


Plenoptic Cameras, Photogrammetry, 3D Scanning, Projection Mapping

Small Woodshop With Special Custom Sound Dampening

Small scale prototyping with ESP32, ESP8266, and various Arduino

Firmware development

Microcontroller power management and optimization

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

Sensor integration

IOT UX/Interaction research and design

We’re realistic enough to know we might not be the solve for every kind of hardware project or startup. So we’ve built a community of allies here in Portland that could be better suited to your needs now and prepare you for a bright future, whether or not that includes a project with Uncorked. From mentors to freelancers to venture capital to city grants, we have built relationships over the years with people and organizations that can add value to your idea, regardless of where you are in your product development cycle.

One such project is the PIE Shop. Autodesk, the Portland Incubator Experiment, and Uncorked Studios are partnering on an advanced manufacturing + prototyping focused incubator to develop the next generation of product companies here in Portland, OR.

PIE Shop will bring a blend of design and business strategy, manufacturing and product development expertise, and connect a diverse set of entrepreneurs with access to product experts at Autodesk and the broader inclusive Portland mentorship community.