Our Partner:

Magnum Foundation

Type of Company:

Non-profit photographic agency


New York, NY

Key Date:

Q3 2015

In the summer of 2015, Magnum Foundation, the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, and the Prince Claus Fund partnered with Uncorked to design and build a website showcasing the growing collection of projects from the Arab Documentary Photography Program

The site brings creative, personal, and in-depth stories from across the Arab region to the global public. Our team worked closely with the project partners to create a framework that serves both current and future grantees. The site is powered by Uncorked’s custom CMS, Galapagos.

Respect the Photo

Respect the Photo


There are more facets of the Middle East than the West sees.

ADPP provides support and mentorship to photographers from across the Arab region and we wanted to create a site that could expand the reach of these powerful projects. Given the nature of the site, our collective team started the process with a clear driving goal: respect the photo.

This started by creating an emotional link to the photos, the topic, and the artist, by emphasizing their work and not the site itself. Project pages are designed to showcase each artist’s narrative in a simple, elegant, and respectful way. Continuing this focus on elevating the photography, our team avoided common front-end tactics like aspect-filling or cropping images to fit a certain area. No matter the browser size or scale, the photography itself is shown in its intended way. Finally, we made sure that the site and CMS could adapt to anything an artist would submit — videos, text snippets, captions, and photos of unlimited aspect ratio and scale.


Web Development

AWS and Google Cloud architecture



Database & backend infrastructure


Responsive Web UI Design


Webapp Framework Development

Art Direction

Creative Direction

Branding Design

Interaction Design

Information Architecture

Product Roadmapping

Respect the Photo

Optimized from the Ground Up

Uncorked handled both the front and back end development of this project from the ground up.


Enduring program platform

The global focus of the site, which included areas where internet coverage is less than reliable, required that load times be minimal without sacrificing the quality of the projects themselves. This, along with a focus on cross-browser, cross-device, and cross-cultural compatibility, meant that every aspect of the site had to be considered and optimized to provide the richest experience possible—regardless of device or location. While there are optimization tools and techniques, our design and development team worked together to create a process unique and tailored to the site. Images maintain their aspect ratio, without cropping, across all device types. This was particularly challenging given the responsive nature of the site. Yet our team built a system that displays the best images based on the device and device orientation, as well as connectivity.

We tailored our Galapagos CMS to account for specific use cases too — including multiple rounds of grantees and portrait/landscape imagery, videos, location, and more. Through all of it, the CMS is built to easily manage change, whether it is reordering a series of photos, editing captions, or adding a new round of grantees.

We’re exceptionally proud of the collaboration with all the photographers and partners.

There’s no better starting point than the Arab Documentary Photography Program site.