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Uncorked Studios

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Q1 2013

At Uncorked, design is about more than just the way something looks, it permeates every aspect of our work. Whether it's architecture or motion, materials or sound — a product is only truly “designed” when it’s considered from every angle.

When we set out to make our own content management system, we knew it had to be just as thoughtful as the projects it would support. Powerful enough that it could quickly create the beautiful layouts we love, but also simple enough that everyone at Uncorked could use it — regardless of their technical or design background.

We call it Galapagos and we think it’s pretty amazing.


Building a modular CMS that’s easy to use for designers and engineers alike has an audience beyond our own walls.

Built for Change

The way we share content, and the form that the content takes, changes at a rapid pace. To meet the needs of clients and ourselves, Galapagos needed to be flexible for the growing list of things we want to share.

What makes Galapagos so useful though is that while it provides a tremendous amount of creative freedom, it offers guide rails too. By creating high-level layout motifs for each new page of content, Galapagos can give peace-of-mind for both the creator and their organization, that everything will look great and be on-brand.

Front of the Back

We wanted the experience of working in Galapagos to be just as considered as the sites it powers. How a CMS looks isn’t something that usually gets a lot of attention. For us; however, taking the time to build out the front end of the backend was an integral step. The proof we had something great came not just from our clients, but from us. Once we had a product that our own team wanted to use, we knew we had a system that was not only simple and powerful, but also a joy to use.


Concept Generation

Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning

Product Value / Differentiation Mapping

CMS Creation


Art and Creative Direction


Responsive Web UI Design

Traffic scaling





Continued Evolution


We’ve used Galapagos to power multiple iterations of this website, as well as projects for clients including Small Batch, Trapit, Keen, Magnum, and Nike.

We were the first customer for Galapagos, so we took this opportunity to experiment with new frameworks and tools that would not only serve this project but also expand our overall development repertoire. We utilized the two-way data binding, directives, and services of AngularJS to maximize reusability of the application’s front end, and we wrote a custom app in Node.js and MongoDB for the backend. Keeping these two components independent of each other further contributes to the flexibility of the system.

Because of this modularity, the codebase is quickly adaptable to suit the needs of a wide array of sites. Since launching, the platform has been utilized to power multiple iterations of Uncorked’s own site, as well as projects for our clients such as, Small Batch and Trapit.

If you have or are hoping to build impressive content with an enjoyable-to-use CMS, let us know and we would be happy to discuss how we can tailor Galapagos to fit your needs.