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"One of the first programs between US and Cuban entrepreneurs that supports the movement toward connectivity, private business ownership, and local and global community."

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Q3 2015

In 2015, Uncorked joined the Richardson Center for Global Engagement, the Aspen Institute, and Flow Collective to create Incúbate — the first workshop on entrepreneurship and service design between Cubans and Americans.


Americans and Cubans have plenty of commonalities in design, creative, and entrepreneurial areas.

As part of a person-to-person cultural exchange, our delegation enabled American citizens from a variety of backgrounds to meet and connect with their counterparts in Cuba to further an understanding of the economic, political, and social climate on the island.

After our first trip, we wrote two initial articles in summary of the visit:

Cuba will fail at tourism, but it can win at creative technology

Color through Greys: The Design of Culture in Cuba

Since our first trip in October of 2015, we’ve returned to Cuba twice in May and October of 2016—with more trips planned for the future.

In this current political landscape, it’s possible for us to use universal design principles and familiar design methodologies to tackle a diverse set of social, cultural, and business challenges. From Portland to Havana to Beirut, design tools can be used for diplomacy to create change on a global scale. The design community can use our skills to overcome obstacles that occur in traditional diplomatic channels to build a stronger future around the world.

Watch founder and CEO Marcelino Alvarez, and James Keller, the studio’s executive director of semiotics, talk on our work with Incúbate and Fringe Diplomacy at the Interaction 18 conference in Lyon, France.


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