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Pereira & O’Dell and LEGO

"Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow by inventing the future of play."

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Private, family-owned company with an iconic brand


Billund, Denmark

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Q2 2012 - Q4 2013

The LEGO Movie Maker uses stop-motion animation to let aspiring filmmakers of all ages create their own movies with an interface that’s simple enough for kids to enjoy, yet rich enough to meet the expectations of older fans.

From capturing images to adding titles, dialog, sound effects, and photo filters, the LEGO Movie Maker provides all the necessary actions to easily make videos—while keeping the advanced capabilities just a tap away. To date, the app has over 3.5 million downloads with 30,000 sustained active monthly users.

Based on the millions of downloads, plus working with a brand as beloved as LEGO, and the enthusiastic people using the app, we’ve received feedback in many forms. From app ratings and YouTube videos to blog posts and direct emails, LEGO Movie Makers are eager to share their thoughts. And we’ve always been listening.

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The point of creativity may not be the thing itself, but sharing that thing with others.

At Uncorked, launching the product is simply the beginning. We thrive on solving real problems for real people. In this case, we brought in real people to both play with and test an early prototype. What we learned set the stage for future iterations. The application’s true value stemmed not from creating stop-motion films, but rather from enabling connections among people. Time and time again, kids and adults made something they wanted to share. Sometimes that meant simply showing the person (or parent) sitting next to them, while other times it meant using AirPlay to show a movie to the whole room. Older users eagerly posted their creations on YouTube.

In all cases, we realized that the pride that comes from creating a stop motion movie was a true motivation for our users—people love sharing. Over time, this has helped our team design and build new core features, singularly focused on the explicit and implicit feedback people have shared.

Make a Movie


Your target audience might not be who ends up being your biggest fan.

Originally designed for children between 4 and 8, our work on the LEGO Movie Maker application was focused on designing for their specific needs. Everything from button affordances and easy-to-understand interactions, to simplifying the steps needed to create a movie were all considered through the lens of a very young audience. We found that while it resonated with the young, it also appealed to a broader audience of older kids and adults. This new audience needed more advanced tools to fully realize their creative vision—something we had to add without sacrificing the simplicity that made Movie Maker so appealing.

Additionally, this broader audience also brought new devices: Movie Maker now needed to support iPad in addition to iPhone and iPod. We met these needs by adding new features like the ability for users to record their own sound effects or use overlay grids to help line up shots. When it came to moving the app to iPad, we designed an entirely new interface, created to take full advantage of the added screen size. By balancing our initial goals to provide a simple and clear experience with a more robust feature set designed to support a more advanced audience, we’ve been able to create a platform that allows everyone from young children to experienced filmmakers to express their creativity in new ways.


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Make a Movie

Gaston Figueroa

Developing an engaging product for a younger audience is an incredibly fun challenge but it also comes with its own set of considerations. Not only did the interface need to be simple and straightforward, but it also had to work with the types of devices our target audience would experience the application on. As is common in many families, the bulk of our younger users are making movies with older iPhones and iPod touch devices of all generations—and oftentimes the hand-me-down devices.


A successful product grows with its users.

Knowing that, when building the original product and still today, we put a great deal of effort into building it in a way that supports older devices and operating systems. To that end, we can ensure that the experience of creating a movie with the LEGO Movie Maker application is a great experience regardless of age, experience level, or hardware. We’ve continued to iterate on and improve the Lego Movie Maker with feature updates now spanning multiple years of use.

The continual strong usage of the app highlights our success in the endeavor of maintaining a highly functional experience for aging hand-me-down devices, while embracing the ever-expanding capabilities in each new release of the iOS platform. Building on top of device compatibility, one of our most engaging development challenges has been understanding and delivering an increasingly complex feature set that remains elegant enough to be useful for children, but powerful enough to serve the needs of older, more capable users.

2013 Webby Awards - Winner of Mobile & Apps: Entertainment - 2013 Webby Awards - Nominated for Mobile & Apps: Best Use of Mobile Video - 2013 SXSW Interactive Awards - Nominee for Best Entertainment - 2012 Appy Awards - App of the week - 2012 FWA (Favorite Website Awards) App of the day - 2013 Communication Arts Interactive Annual 19: Mobile - 2012 - London International Awards Bronze Winner in Digital - Recreation - 2012 - London International Awards Bronze Winner in Digital - Mobile Apps


Enabled amazing creativity!

2013 Webby Awards - Winner of Mobile & Apps: Entertainment

2012 Appy Awards - App of the week

2012 FWA (Favorite Website Awards) App of the day

2013 Communication Arts Interactive Annual 19: Mobile

2012 - London International Awards Bronze Winner in Digital - Recreation and Mobile Apps categories