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Data reporting isn’t enough—people need an ongoing and developing narrative

When we think about solving a design problem, it’s not enough to just understand the technology that we’ll use or the form the product might take. In order to create a design that is actually “better," we have to understand the relationship between the technology and the people who will use the product. 

As wearable technology becomes a larger part of people’s daily lives, our partners have increasingly looked to us to help them better understand and design for this space, which is most commonly centered around health and wellness devices.

Among our many partner-specific research endeavors, our wearables report was a more broadly focused internally driven project designed to increase Uncorked’s overall institutional knowledge. This four week look into the state of fitness tracking devices was made even more unique in that we used Uncorked team members as our research subjects.


Qualitative Research

Lab and Field Research

Interviews, Surveys, Contextual Inquiry

Usability Testing


Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning

Market & Consumer Research

Trend Analysis


This institutional knowledge influenced projects like Zepp and the adidas All Day app, in addition to others

The effect was two-fold: not only did we get the information and insights we wanted, but we also had a chance to use the devices firsthand. This gave us a chance to experience our test products as actual users and also to experience our research from the participant’s point of view—both invaluable insights for using empathy in building experiences.

We called the report that came out of this effort Tracking Progress, and it contains both the concrete results of our study as well as a broader interpretation of those results.